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People Or People

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  1. Since people is a singular noun, you would use it in cases where you are talking about a group that collectively make a single unit. For example: “Of the people in the room, John and Ann are my favorite persons.” The people in the room are a group. John and Ann are two individuals that can be separated from the group. Ed P on June 08,
  2. People is the plural of person. If one person in a room is joined by another person entering the room, they become two people in a room. Thus, people means two or more individuals. See the following examples.
  3. Oct 01,  · If you are speaking about a group of people, large or small, you put the apostrophe after "people." You put the apostrophe after the possessor, which in this case is "people." So the sentence is: I correct other people's grammar mistakes.
  4. Jun 10,  · Purdue Online Writing Lab says, “When refer­ring to peo­ple, both that and who can be used in infor­mal lan­guage. ‘That’ may be used to refer to the char­ac­ter­is­tics or abil­i­ties of an indi­vid­ual or a group of peo­ple.. However, when speak­ing about .
  5. People, as a plural noun, refers to two or more individuals. If Keri is a person and Chris is a person, then Keri and Chris are two people. People can be used in reference to any group of two or more individuals, like in the following examples. Because the weather was so .
  6. Although the word people has two meanings (as we will see below), it is almost always used to mean “persons” (the plural of “person”) and is therefore a plural noun. Although the word “persons” exists, it sounds very formal and is used primarily in legal contexts.
  7. To refer to groups of human beings or humans in general, we use people: I saw three people standing on the corner. Not: I saw three persons Jim and Wendy are such nice people. People are generally .
  8. May 25,  · For example: At least people attended the concert. Here, the concert goers are a large general group. The nine persons on the baseball team are bald. The ballplayers mentioned in this sentence are specific, therefore persons is the better choice.

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